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Recruiting is hard work

success and scope for action through outsourcing

The labor market has changed massively in recent years. The shortage of skilled workers, which has been increasing for years, is now accompanied by a completely changed view of the world of work. More and more people are fundamentally questioning their job and are demanding more attractive and flexible framework conditions for themselves. For companies, this means a considerable amount of additional time, money and organizational effort.

Job advertisements have not brought the desired success for a long time. On the contrary, they increasingly produce additional work, since the majority of the incoming applications often do not meet the desired requirements.

Identifying potential candidates and actively addressing them is extremely time-consuming and also not organizationally feasible for many companies. The active acquisition of candidates can be perfectly outsourced to Liebwein, so that your HR can concentrate even more on the retention and further development of your existing employees.

Leave the time-consuming and sometimes tedious work to a specialized professional! Because nowadays there is more to a successful job interview:


Identify more potential candidates

Top candidates are being contacted more and more frequently. The willingness to deal with a “further” job offer decreases.

Conduct more interviews with candidates

Changing job requirements meet more and more varied desires of the candidates. A match becomes increasingly difficult.


Manage more candidate rejections

Candidates often receive more offers and can choose from a variety of different options.

Sourcing Process Step by Step

In order to successfully fill a vacancy, a targeted approach is required. Potential candidates must be identified and contacted along a structured process and pre-selected according to the requirements.

All too often, this process is perceived as a black box, since in the end only a numerically small number of candidates presented remain that is perceived. With the following process tool you can click through the complex overall process step by step.

Target Size

Identified potential candidates



Despite repeated attempts to contact, a proportion remains unreachable; minus 15% of the target size candidates


No Interest

No motivation to change, minus 25%

Offer not appealing

There is motivation to change, but the offer is not appealing enough due to the general conditions (salary, benefits, location, development opportunities, company image, etc.), minus 35%

No perfect match

Individual requirements do not match sufficiently (skill set / overlap with detailed experience, team / cultural fit, certificates, commitment, etc.), minus 20%


Presented candidates

Presentation of suitable candidates, rejection by candidates or clients throughout the process (different offer, too long response times, personal reasons, final framework conditions, etc.), minus 4%

Successful placement

Conclusion of a contract with a candidate