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Diversity and Inclusion @Liebwein

The candidates you recruit will have a significant impact on your organisation’s future performance. As your organisation looks to address diversity and inclusion, choosing a recruitment partner that shares your commitment is critical.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is reflected in our own diverse team: We rely on a multilingual workforce with mixed cultural background that minimizes any language barriers and makes everyone feel included. We train our employees to exclude unconscious bias, strengthen behavioural awareness and identify competence and potential rather than background.

We offer flexible working hours and home office and work with social institutions that support people with different cultural backgrounds and / or personal difficulties.

Advancing workplace diversity within our own company and for our clients is core to our mission

Diversity and inclusion goals

We support our clients’ diversity and inclusion goals by recruiting the best-qualified candidates regardless of their age, gender, ethnic origin, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, disability and special needs.

Use of different channels

We search for potential candidates on a variety of platforms and post vacancies on multiple channels to expand reach. We also use target group-specific websites, as similar people usually use the same channels to apply for jobs.

Our own diversity

Our consultants empower and enable us as a business to attract and effectively represent diverse candidates because the company is diverse itself.

Breaking down barriers

Our consultants are experienced in removing barriers for diverse candidates.

Neutral job descriptions

We use neutral job descriptions to address a large number of potential candidates.

Diversity in pre-selection

For candidates with similar qualification we promote diversity in our candidate shortlist.

Very high level of satisfaction

In 2022 shortlisted candidates rated their overall level of satisfaction with our Equal Approach’s service: