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Overview of the FAQ

What are the advantages of working with Liebwein?

In addition to access to vacancies, which are often not advertised publicly, the greatest added value for you is that we usually know the vacancies, companies and contacts better than you do. We have valuable detailed knowledge that we can use to advise you on the selection of a company and its vacancy in relation to your goals and needs. We can also clarify important fundamental questions for you in advance and also ensure that your application goes directly to the right contact person. We will actively accompany you throughout the process and, if you wish, will be happy to support you in salary negotiations and decision-making.

Are there any costs for me?
No, our service is always free for applicants or candidates! We are only remunerated by the client companies who trustfully outsource the search for and acquisition of candidates to us.
Are there any expectations of me?

Yes, the same one you probably have on us as well. Open and honest communication at eye level.

For which companies does Liebwein recruit?
We recruit for international corporations, medium-sized companies, family businesses, but also start-ups – the range of companies with which we are in direct contact and sometimes work exclusively together is broad.

Our personal contacts to the decision-makers of these companies and our network in a wide variety of industries enable us to offer you attractive positions and at the same time advance your career.

In which industries and functions does Liebwein specialize in?
In general, we work across industries and functions with the following focal points:

  • Electronics & Semiconductor
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Tax & Legal
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Office & HR
  • Supply Chain & Logistics
  • IT & Digital
  • Engineering
Why do companies hire Liebwein to recruit staff?
There are multiple reasons for that. In addition to a lack of internal resources, it is usually the know-how and tools that we have at our disposal to fill a vacancy quickly and in a targeted manner. Especially the identification and direct addressing of potential candidates, without which it is hardly possible today, can only rarely be covered by companies in-house.
Why is the company often not visible in many job advertisements?

It is often the companies themselves that do not wish to be named publicly. This can be for a variety of reasons, such as not wanting the competition to gain insight into a company’s staffing needs or strategy, or wanting to replace a current job holder, to name just a few examples.

Does Liebwein also offer temporary work?

Yes, we also offer our customers the instrument of temporary employment. It is important here that we are not a classic temporary employment agency. For us, the provision of an employee for a limited time is not the priority and therefore we do not have any employees who are waiting for the next assignment. As in the context of permanent placement, we look for the most suitable candidate for our customers. There are often reasons of a strategic nature – e.g. a headcount that has not yet been released – why companies decide to fill a vacancy first within the framework of temporary employment; a takeover is basically possible at any time.

How can I apply to Liebwein?

You can use any channel to get in touch with us. You are welcome to apply directly for an advertised position, simply send us your CV or join our talent pool directly. It doesn’t matter whether by email, online form, website or chat.

We always evaluate your documents against the background of all vacancies to be filled. And if there is nothing suitable at the moment, we will be happy to stay in touch with you, after all this can change on a daily basis. Simply join our talent pool.

What happens to my personal data?

The careful handling of your personal data is our top priority! All personal data is collected, processed and/or used exclusively in compliance with the relevant data protection regulations. For more information, please see our privacy policy.

Important for you: We never pass on information to companies or third parties without your consultation and consent!

What is the Liebwein Talent Pool?
We check every new vacancy against potential candidates from our talent pool. By joining the talent pool, you allow us to store your data for as long as it remains in the talent pool so that we can contact you if there are interesting job offers. The data will be deleted no later than four years after the last contact. You can find more information on this in our privacy policy.
How can I unsubscribe from the Talent Pool?

Just send us a short message to datenschutz@LPMS.de and we will remove you from the talent pool. Since this usually eliminates the storage and processing purpose, we will delete your data subject to possible statutory or contractual storage obligations or alternatively restrict the processing until all obstacles to deletion have been removed.