You know someone who needs support in recruiting?

You have already had good experiences with us yourself or would like to recommend us due to our good reputation. In any case, we would like you to share in our success. For the successful placement of a new client (personnel-seeking client company), you will receive one of the following one-time bonuses:*

iPad Pro 12,9" - 512 GB  oder 1.500 Euro in cash

Call us now or write an email:

Marco Liebwein +49 (0) 89 5454289-0

Who we are:

We are specialized in recruiting specialists and managers in the commercial and technical fields in the DACH region.

Why we value your support:

At first glance, service in general seems to be easily interchangeable. The offers are usually extensive and finding the "right" partner often turns out even more difficult. Recommendations are an important first building block for a fresh business relationship, as they provide a basis of trust and credibility and strengthen the way how we are perceived in a positive way. We want to exploit this advantage together with you to ultimately become even more successful.

Why we are the right partner for your recommendation:

In addition to everything you can expect from a professional service provider anyway, we simply make more effort. This may sound banal, but it often determines the entire success and is ultimately the reason why our clients appreciate a long-term and successful cooperation with us.


* You recommend us to a contact person of a company looking for personnel with whom we do not yet work together. If, based on this recommendation (contact establishing), a cooperation and a successful personnel placement should occur within the next 6 months by us, you will receive a one-time thank you bonus of 1,500 Euro after invoice and receipt of payment by the personnel-seeking company. Promotion valid until 31.12.2020.